First Movie on American TV

What was the first full-length movie shown on American TV? A number of sources, such as Paleofuture, claim it was a 1932 detective movie, The Crooked Circle, which Los Angeles station W6XAO-TV broadcast in its entirety in 1933, even though the movie was still playing in local theaters.

But other sources, such as the Official Couch-Potato Handbook, claim it was the 1932 movie The Heart of New York, about the invention of the washing machine. ( offers this review of it: "Per minute, The Heart of New York may have more dialogue in it than any other movie I’ve seen. The characters don’t pause for breath. Look– I watch Lee Tracy movies. Heart of New York is nuts.")

The Crooked Circle seems to have the better documented claim, since I can't find any source that says exactly when The Heart of New York was broadcast on TV. Either movie can now be viewed in its entirety online.

Posted By: Alex - Sun Jun 18, 2017
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