Fizz Bowling

A drinking game of the 1960s, invented at European ski lodges:

The Montana Standard - Feb 10, 1963

A few more details from the Akron Beacon Journal (Feb 6, 1963):

Latest sport catching on with the ski crowd at smart Winter spas is "fizz bowling." A large grapefruit serves as a bowling ball and the player bowls at full gin bottles instead of pins... player then drinks contents of all pins left standing. Each player is allowed a "handicap" number of bottles he must knock down.

Some googling reveals that it's now possible to buy gin bottles shaped like bowling pins. Available from Amazon for $18.99 (empty, you add your own gin). However, they're made of glass, so probably not great for fizz bowling.

I'm guessing the people back in the 60s were playing with minis, rather than full-size bottles.

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jan 29, 2020
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Hopefully the bottles were sealed; otherwise it’d be a waste of perfectly good gin if they were knocked over.
Posted by Brian on 01/30/20 at 09:00 PM
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