Fly Cheryl

An infamous ad campaign created by Forest William Free for National Airlines. Info from the Hudson River Valley Institute:

In 1970 he ran an ad for Silva Thins Cigarettes that read “Cigarettes are like girls, the best ones are thin and rich”. The National Organization for Women was outraged and started a boycott of the brand in response. In an equally controversial move, Free published an ad in 1971 for National Airlines that read “I’m Cheryl – Fly Me”, with an attractive young stewardess pictured. The National Organization for Women was once again up in arms over a Free creation and picketed outside his office in retaliation. Despite the protests National saw a huge increase in sales and decided to keep Free on the account. So, in 1972 he published more ads of the same theme, including another one with ‘Cheryl’, which now read “Millions of people flew me last year.” Despite their mixed reviews, Free’s ads proved effective in reaching the target and in attracting the nation’s attention.

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Those were the days – before a stew became a flight attendant. Living between Atlanta and south Florida, I dated several of them. I think it was shortly after this that Southwest, not to be outdone, uniformed their stews in hot pants, and raised the bar further.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 03/03/21 at 08:03 AM
Now I know the name of who created what inspired the 10c.c. song "I'm Mandy, Fly Me..."
Posted by KDP on 03/03/21 at 03:10 PM
In other words, a genius ad campaign...
Posted by Brian on 03/04/21 at 09:31 PM
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