Follies of the Madmen #307

     Posted By: Paul - Wed Mar 15, 2017
     Category: Business | Advertising | Domestic | Wives | 1930s

The good old days!
Posted by RobK on 03/15/17 at 10:33 AM
On page 16 of that magazine there's a small ad for a cold remedy called 666. Probably not too popular among evangelicals.
Posted by ges on 03/15/17 at 08:55 PM
Black Beauties! Available by prescription from the little old grey-haired doctor down the street. (AKA Crystal meth)
Posted by G B on 03/16/17 at 05:30 PM
"Vitamins" is just her little euphemism for a good snort of the funny poppies she grows out back.
Posted by Virtual on 03/16/17 at 10:19 PM
Mother's little helper.
Posted by BMN on 03/17/17 at 07:21 AM
On the same page, evidence that the definition of "dictator" has changed over the years.
Posted by RobK on 03/17/17 at 10:38 AM

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