Follies of the Madmen #355

Oh, no! Will Mr. Decay catch runaway Mr. Tooth? The suspense is unbearable!
     Posted By: Paul - Wed Mar 14, 2018
     Category: Business | Advertising | Products | Hygiene | Children | 1950s

Reader's Digest is my first choice when I'm looking for scientific research.
Posted by BMN on 03/14/18 at 11:47 AM
Crest toothpaste cartoons a few days ago and Colgate claymation today. Is there a trend developing? Too bad jingles aren't as prevalent today for dental care products. I always liked the Pepsodent jungle: "You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!"
Posted by KDP on 03/14/18 at 03:40 PM
This is really a work of art. Plus it’s from 1951, when television was just emerging from its experimental phase.
Posted by Brian on 03/16/18 at 05:26 AM

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