Frontier Circus

In 1962, variations on the popular Western genre reached new and unlikely permutations.

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That's a quite impressive list of guest stars who appeared in this series. Our family's tv set would have been tuned to Ozzie and Harriet and Donna Reed, though, so I have no memory at all of ever watching any of the episodes. There is a detailed list of the episodes and guest stars at the Classic TV Archive site:
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I actually heard about this one! I remember because I ran across it twice in short order. Sydney Pollack directed a couple of episodes (he was mostly a director but is perhaps best known as the agent in Tootsie), and Earl Bellamy directed one (which shouldn't come as a surprise -- over the years he directed episodes of everything from Jungle Jim to My Three Sons to Starsky and Hutch).

I'm old enough, and I know we had a tv at the time, but I don't remember ever seeing it when it aired.

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