“Goodbye, Three Mile Island”

With Chernobyl in the news again, perhaps we need to revive this song.

Gary and the Outriders, a local music group, recorded an original song, "Goodbye T.M.I. (The Ballad of Three Mile Island)," and released it as a 45 rpm record. Its catchy melody contrasts with its dire refrain: "Goodbye, goodbye to your life, T.M.I."
     Posted By: Paul - Tue Apr 19, 2022
     Category: Music | Regionalism | Riots, Protests and Civil Disobedience | Atomic Power and Other Nuclear Matters | 1970s

Not bad, but I prefer Radiation Funk, which was another song written about Three Mile Island.
Posted by Nathan on 04/19/22 at 07:54 AM
It sounds a lot like the song 'Runaround Sue'. Intentional, perhaps?
Posted by Alex on 04/19/22 at 11:33 AM
Alex, the tune is Runaround Sue with new lyrics. This is not uncommon among novelty records, especially when trying to get something out there quickly. It would save time in composing.
Posted by Patrick on 04/21/22 at 06:31 AM
How about We Will All Go Together When We Go, by the insuperable Tom Lehrer?
Posted by Richard Bos on 04/23/22 at 09:42 AM
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