Guinea Pig Ice Cream

Apparently this is a real thing. It's sold in Quito, Ecuador, where it's the creation of ice-cream entrepreneur María del Carmen Pilapaña.

The idea for it came from the fact that guinea pigs are a traditional food in the region, so Pilapaña figured, why not make guinea pig ice cream ("Helado de Cuy").

The English-language articles don't detail how exactly how the ice cream is made. But I found the following recipe on Que News (via Google Translate):

It took a month to experience the proper technique; first she tried with the “crushed” leather without many results; She then dealt with the roasted guinea pig and the taste was not as expected. Until she did it by cooking the whole meat in water. This should boil for at least 2 hours, until the liquid is reduced “to about 15 milliliters,” says María del Carmen. Then you have to wait for it to cool down so that it can be liquefied and left as a pate.

The smoothie guinea pig mixes it with a fruit, that was also part of the experimentation, since not with all it turns out well, but she discovered that with the naranjilla or the passion fruit, also cooked, the flavor is at its point. The rest of the process is like preparing a “normal” ice cream, whipping the cream, increasing the puree of the guinea pig with that of the fruit and adding the condensed milk. After a day of staying in the freezer you are ready to serve.

The entrepreneur adds sprinkled peanuts as a dressing, to remind the 'fans' of the guinea pig, the typical dish that is served with peanut sauce.

Pilapaña offers some other odd flavors, including beetles and mushrooms.

Pureeing the guinea pig

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