Handsome Weeping Boys

Back in 2016, the BBC reported on a strange team-building exercise being conducted in some Japanese companies: crying workshops led by handsome men.

An ikemeso danshi, or "handsome weeping boy" (who's actually an adult), shows the employees a series of sad films. Soon the handsome weeping boy starts to cry, and before long everyone is crying. The handsome weeping boy then goes around and wipes the tears from people's faces with a cotton handkerchief.

Apparently, "The idea is to show off your vulnerability - when others see that, it's supposed to bring people together so they work better as a team."

Why does the weeping boy have to be handsome? Because it makes it more "exciting" to the largely female attendees of the workshops.

More info: BBC News

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Apr 27, 2018
     Category: Business

If you don't think this guy is handsome, you can laugh at him?
Posted by Virtual on 04/27/18 at 10:57 AM
If the attendees are largely female, they seriously missed their target. Next time, they should try a bar setting instead of the sad movies, a friendly bartender to keep the conversation going and those japanese beers that are mostly foam. That will bring the guys together as a team.
Posted by Yudith on 04/29/18 at 07:12 AM
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