Hearing music while checking a pulse

According to a recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine, when hospital workers in Southern California used a handheld Doppler device to check the pulse of a 65-year-old man who had recently had both hips replaced, they heard music. Other Doppler devices also picked up music seeming to come from inside the man. However, they didn't hear music from any other patients. The doctors concluded that the man's prosthetic hips were picking up a radio station.

LiveScience.com has identified the song his hips were playing as "Gracias Por Tu Amor" by Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizarraga.

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Dec 26, 2020
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This reminded me of the Gilligan's Island episode where Gilligan's tooth became a radio receiver. Anyway, if the song title is accurate, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out which radio station in their area was being heard at the time the man's pulse was checked. Knowing the frequency of the broadcast might help in finding out how this could be possible. I wonder if any more research was done on this event or on others like it.
Posted by Fritz on 12/26/20 at 08:43 AM
I wanted to see that they checked no operating room person was missing a radio, but the N.E. Journal is behind a pay wall.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 12/27/20 at 11:01 AM
I know that it sounds strange that someone would have an implant or prostetic limb that picks up radio signals. It reminds me of when I was a kid, I would get these build your won radio kits and cb radios. Not sure kids get those anymore. In any event, all objects have a frequency at whcih they vibrate. Such a strange world we live in. In a proffesional capacity I have helped people with phantom limbs and also tinitus and also issues around memory and sound, so this topic though werid does have some real reality for some people who are affected by werid or unexpected sounds. https://deepdivetherapy.co.uk
Posted by Jason Demant on 01/08/21 at 06:16 AM
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