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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things to Worry About

The senior Saudi Arabian cleric, the ol' grand mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh, decreed that contrary to the critics of child marriage, it would be an injustice to prevent 10-yr-olds from enjoying the benefits of holy matrimony. Daily Mail (London)

Depression in Japan takes another step forward as Sega Toys Co. Ltd introduces a mechanical potted plant that nods appreciatively, such as when you're getting certain things off your chest to no one in particular. Agence France-Presse via Yahoo

Update: New Jersey child-welfare officials have removed three kids from that white supremacist home [NOTW Daily, 12-15-2008] (Miss Honszlynn Campbell, 1, Master Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, and Miss JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 1). Express-Times (Easton, Pa.)

OMG—A California girl made the news last week when it got out that there were 14,528 text messages on her account one month (send and receive), but then yesterday, an F State 14-yr-old girl went deep, revealing 35,463 last June, which is roughly 74 per waking hour. Orlando Sentinel /// Orange County Register (California gal)

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Your Daily Loser
LaKeitha Watson-Atkinson might still be at large in the Fort Myers, Fla., area after snatching $1,200 worth of purses from a TJ Maxx store in Cape Coral. But she holds the distinction, while fleeing store security, of being run over—twice!—by her getaway car. She finally was able to climb in but in the commotion, one of her name-imprinted checks fell on the ground. Fort Myers News-Press
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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Dentist Mark Anderson is on trial this week in Sacramento, Calif., accused of feeling up 26 patients in the course of dental work. His lawyer said Anderson never had a single sexual thought as he was fondling underneath bras, though, because what he was doing, actually, was massaging their boobal areas to relieve common jaw pain (with the jaw muscle connected to the . . chest muscle . . and the chest muscle connected to the . . well, you get the picture). Sacramento Bee
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Your Daily Jury Duty
["In America, a person is presumed innocent until the mug shot is released"]
Mr. Harmit Singh Bhangu, who, if he is guilty, might still be blameless in that he says it was God pulling his strings. Calgary Herald
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