Horse Spike

In 1899, Patent No. 636,430 was granted to Franz and Konrad Hieke of Philadelphia for what they described as "cavalry equipment". It was essentially a large spike attached to the front of a horse. From their patent:

This invention relates to cavalry equipment; and it has for its object the provision of novel means for protecting the horse from the missiles of the enemy and in the provision of a cutting projection designed to injure the enemy or cause him to evade the projection by stepping to one side where an attack by the rider would be effective.

A better view:

Argos Reflector - Feb 8, 1900

I wonder if one of these was ever actually used in combat?
     Posted By: Alex - Tue Jun 22, 2021
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You will see something similar in the first pic at the link: horses outfitted with spears and blades strapped to them.
Posted by Paul on 06/22/21 at 10:11 AM
Paul -- I guess the patent reviewer didn't come across that prior art!
Posted by Alex on 06/22/21 at 12:00 PM
I doubt anyone even tried to get a horse to wear that getup. They would just tip forward under the weight of any serious armor. Proper horse armor has a better distribution.
Posted by eddi on 06/22/21 at 10:36 PM
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