Ice-Block Skiing

It's like water-skiing, but on blocks of ice towed through city streets.

Wipeouts would be a lot more painful.

Info from the LA Public Library:

These three photographs show women in swimsuits near the streets of Venice Beach riding on blocks of ice. In the frame at [top], three women are sitting on a huge block of ice and are being towed by cars. The frame at [middle] shows three women sitting together on an ice block in siwmsuits and heels, holding on to a rope. In the third frame at bottom, three women are "ice-block" skiing, and waving to the camera. Appears to be a publicity photograph for the Miss California Bathing Beauty Contest.

I'm guessing the year was 1936, since the other images of the 'Miss California Bathing Beauty Contest' at the library are from that year.

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Feb 10, 2022
     Category: Sports | 1930s

So you have the ice right there to rub on your road rash.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 02/10/22 at 07:59 AM
Use to use ice blocks to slide down grassy hills. Could still get a good grass burn if you weren't careful.
Posted by crc on 02/10/22 at 08:50 AM
Something you wouldn’t see today, as big ice blocks aren’t a thing anymore.
Posted by Brian on 02/11/22 at 11:58 AM
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