Indlovu Gin

The website for Indlovu Gin describes it, somewhat euphemistically, as "The only gin designed by the African elephant from foraged botanicals." Put in plainer language, it's gin made with elephant dung. As the AP reports:

The creators of Indlovu Gin, Les and Paula Ansley, stumbled across the idea a year ago after learning that elephants eat a variety of fruits and flowers and yet digest less than a third of it. “As a consequence, in the elephant dung, you get the most amazing variety of these botanicals,” Les Ansley said during a recent visit to their operations. “Why don’t we let the elephants do the hard work of collecting all these botanicals and we will make gin from it?” he recalled his wife suggesting.

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Nov 25, 2019
     Category: Animals | Excrement | Alcohol

Now, when someone says their drink tastes like s#!t, they can finally be accurate.
Posted by crc on 11/25/19 at 06:30 AM
I picture Laura Dern digging through that pile of dinosaur dung in "Jurassic Park."
Posted by KDP on 11/25/19 at 09:41 AM
So, Elephant is the only universal flavor right? Everything else is seasonal or occasional so they will lose that big vegan market segment.
Posted by John on 11/25/19 at 10:55 AM
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