The Jump-Roping Rabbi

Rabbi Barry Silberg set a world record in 1975 for jumping rope for five hours. According to Guinness, the current record, set in 2009, is 33 hours 20 minutes. That's not even close. So why such a huge difference? Did shoes get better, or something?

Moline Dispatch - June 25, 1975

Green Bay Press Gazette - Mar 31, 1975

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Jan 10, 2019
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FYI, Joey Motsay holds the record for 33 hours skipping rope (Motsay also rode a stationary bike for almost a week and pushed a car 50 miles in 24 hours). He is currently raising funds for speed bag punching record attempt. Nearly all the records these days seems to be about fund raising.
Posted by Floormaster on 01/10/19 at 01:34 PM
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