Light-up Traffic Glove

     Posted By: Paul - Wed Mar 25, 2020
     Category: Inventions | 1930s | Cars

"which are mounted of the first and third fingers" - leaving the middle finger free to unobstructedly flip off other drivers. Brilliant!
Posted by Jessica on 03/25/20 at 01:21 PM
Either the description is wrong and the lights are mounted on the second and fourth finger, or the photo is wrong and he has a light on his thumb and third finger. Or maybe Jessica just wanted to flip someone the finger on the road.
Posted by Yudith on 03/26/20 at 06:10 AM
Maybe Yudith is an intelligent bear with five fingers, but Mr. Williams is a typical human with four fingers and a thumb on each hand.
Posted by Jessica on 03/26/20 at 07:32 AM
I was expecting a green light on the middle finger for a visual cue when telling other drivers to "go" to hell.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 03/26/20 at 09:38 AM
Y’all beat me to the middle-finger comments! :(
Posted by Brian on 03/26/20 at 09:03 PM

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