Drive the girls wild, like Jethro Tull

Billboard - May 23, 1970

You say you’re not making it with the local lovlies? That when you make Paul McCartney eyes at alluring little honeys in violet hip-huggers they respond by frowning and suggesting, “Jerk off, loser”? That even the offer of a seat next to you at a Led Zeppelin concert is insufficient inducement for a far-out nubie to spend part of the evening with you?

Then, fella, whatchoo need is a SUPER-OUTTA-SIGHT-JETHRO-TULL-T-SHIRT of the sort worn by the fullest-handed rakes everywhere.

These eye-catching sartorial groovies, which are guaranteed to reduce even the haughtiest of lovlies to a mound of hot pulsating flesh, are a divine shade of yellow designed to to flatter even the swarthiest of complexion, are the three-buttons-at-the-neck style recently made all the rage by your sharper English groups.

Dangerous Minds speculates that this must have been a joke ad to promote Jethro Tull's 1970 album Benefit.
     Posted By: Alex - Sat Apr 07, 2018
     Category: Fashion | Music | Advertising

It is a joke, because it doesn't explain that you also have to be able to play the flute as a phallus, like Ian Anderson.
Posted by Virtual on 04/07/18 at 11:21 AM
Tell me about it! I had to stop wearing my Jethro Tull T-shirt out in public, so many gorgeous women would jump all over me...
Posted by Brian on 04/08/18 at 11:16 PM
Not to mention being able to perch on one leg while playing it.
Posted by John on 04/10/18 at 11:23 AM
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