Malt Duck

Introduced in 1972, this was a combination of beer and red grape juice. So, like a beer-wine, which sounds odd to me, but apparently it had quite a few fans. It stayed on the market through the 1980s, and in 2016 the Sprecher Brewing Company decided to bring back a new version of it altered to appeal to "contemporary taste preferences."

A review of its modern incarnation:

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Aug 06, 2018
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You might want to correct your spelling in the second sentence from Sprechler to Sprecher. (A friend of mine owns the local Sprecher's Restaurant & Pub, and the Sprecher Brewing Company is only about 45 minutes down the freeway from my home.)
Posted by Fritz G on 08/06/18 at 09:08 AM
Thanks, Fritz. Corrected!
Posted by Alex on 08/06/18 at 11:25 AM
I've never tried the stuff. But my late first wife did. Apparently this was the drink she and a friend chose for their first teen-aged foray into adult beverages, circa 1976-77. Made her so sick she never tried it again.
Posted by Frank P on 08/06/18 at 01:58 PM
The Seventies sawf a lot of vile liquors. They were desperately invented by alcohol manufacturers trying to find something young people would drink while they were already high on something else. The young people, not the manufacturers.
Posted by Dr. Fian on 08/06/18 at 05:37 PM
OMG! I remember this stuff. Yes, it was vile tasting. So were a few others, like California Cooler. My usual adult beverage of choice was the Schlitz Tall Boy because it was cheap and came in a 24 ounce can. Two cans and you were good for the night.
Posted by KDP on 08/07/18 at 12:34 AM
The name is a play on cold duck, which was popular at the time. Here's a link to a description of cold duck:
Posted by ges on 08/07/18 at 10:54 AM
I remember this stuff, too. I probably tried it, since we would try anything. Our tastes were far more developed at that time, however. We would pour half a glass to all from a pitcher of beer and then pour a bottle of Bali Hai wine into the pitcher. Pretty good after the fourth or fifth pitcher, depending on the group size.
Posted by Virtual on 08/08/18 at 01:25 PM
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