Monkey Hangers

"Monkey hanger" is a term by which Hartlepudlians are often known. According to local folklore, the term originates from an incident in which a monkey was hanged in Hartlepool, England. During the Napoleonic Wars, a French ship of the type chasse marée was wrecked off the coast of Hartlepool. The only survivor was a monkey, allegedly wearing a French uniform to provide amusement for the crew. On finding the monkey, some locals decided to hold an impromptu trial on the beach; since the monkey was unable to answer their questions, and many locals were unaware of what a Frenchman might look like,[citation needed] they concluded that the monkey was in fact a French sailor. Being found guilty, the animal was duly sentenced to death and hanged on the beach. The vertical part of the ship's mast he was hanged from is still visible on the beach between the Pilot pier and the Heugh.

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     Posted By: Paul - Mon Mar 10, 2014
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I'm reminded of the hanging scene from "Blazing Saddles."
Posted by KDP on 03/10/14 at 09:07 AM
Sounds logical to me!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/10/14 at 11:38 AM

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