Mousetrap Cigarette Lighter

Introduced at the 1941 meeting of the Inventors of America society in New York — a combined mousetrap and cigarette lighter.

The caption on the first image is confusing. It says "a lever sets the mouse in motion," but I assume that's a mistake. It should probably read, "The mouse sets a lever in motion."

Another newspaper offered the following explanation of the device's operation: "When mouse springs trap, it sends pinball down ramp. Ball releases spring, and up pops an arm which strikes a match."

When the Inventors of America met again later that year in Los Angeles, one of their members showed off some mice-killing pantyhose stockings. So mouse-themed inventions were evidently all the rage that year.

The San Bernardino County Sun - July 25, 1941

The Pittsburgh Press - July 27, 1941

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Nit: Allen Gant, Sr. invented pantyhose in 1959. Those 1941 mouse electrocution devices were stockings.
Posted by ges on 01/06/17 at 09:45 AM
Rube Goldberg would be proud. I'll continue to use my Zippo.
Posted by KDP on 01/06/17 at 09:50 AM
ges -- Thanks for the correction! I hadn't been aware of the difference between pantyhose and stockings.
Posted by Alex on 01/06/17 at 11:00 AM
Surely the Inventors of America society must have at least one better mousetrap presented every time they meet.
Posted by Virtual on 01/06/17 at 03:55 PM
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