Mr. Omelet

I am very sad that the original "Mr. Omelet" pan which debuted in 1976 has been rechristened as simply "Rolled Omelet" pan, and lost its wooden handle.

I am even sadder that I can learn nothing about its illustrious inventor, Robert S. Bardin, and that the only image I have of him is a featureless smudge.

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Posted By: Paul - Wed Nov 09, 2016
Category: Domestic, Appliances, Inventions, 1970s

Nordic Ware is better known today for microwave cooking containers. I've learned over the years to stay away from too many specialty cooking utensils. This pan looks like a single purpose utensil and wouldn't have a place in my kitchen.
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 11/09/16 at 01:47 PM
Were you also a fan of the Toas-Tite?

If so, they're back:
Posted by S. Norman on 11/09/16 at 02:59 PM
Never did have one of those, S. Norman, but did enjoy similar sandwiches in France, where, as I recall, they were dubbed "croque monsieur."
Posted by Paul on 11/09/16 at 03:38 PM
My parents had a few of the long handle models, S. Norman. They were aluminum and probably made during the 1940's. Used them for camping trips, or at least carried them along - I can't recall them ever being used to cook over the campfire.
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 11/09/16 at 04:51 PM
These pans are very similar to Japanese 'makiyakinabe' pans with the addition of that center divider. The Japanese are very fond of a rolled omelet. (tamagoyaki) There are many tamagoyaki recipes, including savory varieties similar to the omelets of the western world, as well as sweet, custard-like product-- quite different from what westerners would consider an omelet.
Posted by Nurtchy in Dirtpatch, AZ on 11/10/16 at 10:09 PM
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