Mystery Gadget 69

What's it for? There's a clue in its surroundings.

The answer is here.

Or after the jump.
     Posted By: Paul - Mon Dec 03, 2018
     Category: Technology | 1950s

At first glance I thought it was a massive paint sprayer!

agent j
Posted by agent j on 12/03/18 at 09:57 AM
It should double as a pumpkin chunker.
Posted by Virtual on 12/03/18 at 10:38 AM
Or, toss your little brother in there with a promise of going to the Moon.

The only hay bales I have experience with are the rectangular type, weighing from 80 to 100 pounds. That's a family farm job I look back upon with no fondness at all. It's not obvious from the photo but I assume that the bales handled by this device were not the square type, but rounded.
Posted by KDP on 12/03/18 at 05:11 PM
Why? Conveyors were common by then and had to be cheaper to operate/maintain than that contraption. And you know that sooner or later, someone's going to use it to watch a chicken fly.
Posted by Phideaux on 12/03/18 at 06:39 PM
@KDP...same here. The two wire bales in the 80 to 100 pound range were okay but still hot dusty work. It was the three wire bales that approached 150 pounds at times that were the real struggle for me. Never did see a conveyor so it was all hand stacking.
Posted by Steve E. on 12/04/18 at 11:46 PM

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