Mystery Illustration 72

What was this vehicle for?

Answer is here (page 25).

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     Posted By: Paul - Mon Jun 18, 2018
     Category: Motor Vehicles | 1940s

First thought was a reminder of an early polar bear watching vehicle. Then the front wheels kinda move me away from that thought. Then maybe some sort of a crop harvesting platform? No even close! Oh well, love the mystery illustrations.
Posted by Steve E. in Redding, CA on 06/18/18 at 09:54 AM
There was an Agatha Christie Poirot book that took place at a resort that used that vehicle. When the ITV TV series dramatized it, I believe they built one.
Posted by mjbird in Twin Cities, MN on 06/18/18 at 11:03 AM
Something to do with moving horses around, I thought. That looks like a horse's ass sticking out the back end.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 06/18/18 at 11:05 AM
My first thought was a test model of Hobart's Funnies for DDay.'s_Funnies
Posted by BMN on 06/18/18 at 01:06 PM
It reminded me of those lifts they use for unloading freight from airplanes, so something built for unloading ships that run aground?
Posted by Phideaux in in his own little world on 06/18/18 at 02:13 PM
It resembles chemical sprayers used in the wine grape vineyards where I grew up. The machine straddled the vines to apply fungicide and pesticide evenly underneath the foliage.
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 06/19/18 at 09:05 AM
Beach buggy? Reminded me of some of the early swamp buggies used to transport people around the everglades before they starting using airboats
Posted by Jeff in Potomac, MD on 06/20/18 at 01:59 PM
Everglades buggy, for sure. I thought I'd seen something like this somewhere before.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 06/21/18 at 09:53 AM

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