Name That List, #66

What is this a list of? The answer is below in extended.

  • the formula for the making of Wrigley's chewing gum
  • the recipe for Purina Dog Chow
  • the city records of Chicago and Los Angeles
  • most of the Walt Disney films, including all of the original prints from the Mickey Mouse Club
  • 109,000 old MGM movies
  • the wedding dress of a lady from Wichita
  • fur pelts
  • a collection of antique newspapers dating back to 1659
  • copies of Bibles in 1700 languages and dialects
  • a couple of jars of pickled frogs


They're all items that have been stored in the salt mine operated by Underground Vaults and Storage, located 650 feet underground near Hutchinson, Kansas.

Muncie Evening Press - Aug 4, 1977

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