[News] Chuck’s Links for Saturday, April 18, 2009

Politicians in India are demanding netting to protect them when voters throw shoes. (Bonus: A helpful Reuters reporter writes, "Throwing a shoe at someone is considered an insult in India" [Ed.: which is good to know, but one really longs to know in which countries, exactly, throwing a shoe at someone is not insulting].) Reuters via Yahoo

A British inquest determined, it says here, that comedy-club manager Mark Cassidy, 42, died of an overdose of nitrous oxide. The Sun

Sad: Christopher Childers, 40, thought he'd hide out in the car of two Hooters waitresses and jump them, but (a) they whipped his ass and (b) he said he got the idea because his own girlfriend was conservative while the Hooters chicks "looked easy." WSB-TV (Atlanta)

Another British Anti-Social Behavior Order against a couple for screaming during sex (Bonus: Environmental Health officials in Concord actually went to a neighbor's home and installed a recorder to measure the sound next door, and captured 23 "excessive" sex sessions) Daily Mail

Teenagers stole Lindsey Ryan's SUV, with her cellphone inside, so she called the number repeatedly, over several hours. Finally, an answer: "You're a crazy [expletive deleted, probably "bitch," but maybe worse] for calling us 38 times [and] keeping us up all night. You can have your car back." And they told her where they'd leave it. Joliet Herald News (Joliet, Ill.)

Today's Newsrangers: James Patrick, Joe Schlegel

     Posted By: Chuck - Sat Apr 18, 2009

throwing a shoe
I would think that throwing anything at someone would be considered an insult. Some exceptions do apply of course.

1) throwing a snowball at someone (as long as it's not packed to tightly)
2) throwing a water balloon at someone (unless they are in formal attire)
3) throwing a pie in someone’s face (pie = good)
4) throwing flowers at someone (unless they are allergic)
5) throwing any type of ball while playing any sport that requires the throwing of said ball
6) throwing any type of item that is used in a rescue situation such as a life preserver (unless the person is not in need of rescue)
7) throwing knives, axes, spears or any other sharp weapon design for killing by throwing if you are a professional knife thrower and you are performing or practicing.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 04/18/09 at 08:21 AM
comedy-club manager
Now that's comedy!! :lol:
Posted by Madd Maxx on 04/18/09 at 08:33 AM
two Hooters waitresses
What an ass!!!

I was hoping for a pic of the waitresses. :down:
Posted by Madd Maxx on 04/18/09 at 08:36 AM
So, mervtheflamingo, you're saying that the fact that it's a shoe is what makes it worse than throwing, say, a cinder block at someone's head. I suppose a shoe is much handier. I guess when you see someone in India walking around with only one shoe on, you know they just really let someone have it.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 04/18/09 at 04:27 PM
of course as residential recreational drug adviser to WU, I must chime in on the nitrous. this was a staple during my Grateful Dead days, (very lucrative as well) and is indeed dangerous. I watched countless people pass out, many while attempting to walk, which usually resulted in a faceplant on the pavement.
always sit when sucking balloons!

however, I was party to many 'tank parties' in which we huffed enormous amounts of gas and never heard of anyone overdosing or dying from it. particulary when he was using canisters (commonly known as whippets). this method is not nearly as intoxicating as the cans only hold enough gas to fill a medium-sized balloon.

patty, when I have some time I'll start the manual.....
Posted by mrjazz on 04/24/09 at 11:45 AM
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