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Monday, January 28, 2013

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Springfield, Ill.: Next Sunday’s NOTW will feature Fr. Tom Donovan, the Catholic priest who had to call EMTs because he was wearing, in the rectory, a gag and handcuffs that he couldn’t get off. (He went on leave, immediately.) Now, his bishop defends him by quoting a therapist as saying that Fr. Donovan was practicing “self-bondage” for stress relief and that it’s “non-sexual” (as if “sexual” would be weirder). Wisconsin Gazette

New York City: All hail high-achiever Aryeh Eller, 46, as he approaches some sort of golden milestone ($1m in salary and benefits) earned in 14 yrs on the job as a schoolteacher--1 year in the classroom and 13 in the union-rights “rubber room” (his reward for beating a fondled-students charge on a technicality, keeping his job, but where, no way, is the Board of Ed letting him near students again). New York Post

Keene, N.H.: The best that Dr. Donald Holshuh (a grown-up) could come up with (allegedly), having just been testified against by a dentist in a license-suspension case, was to go to the dentist’s office and pee on his door. WMUR-TV (Manchester, N.H.)

Cowley, England: Nora Sly, 60-yr church member, will be immortalized by St. Mary’s . . . by having a cement gargoyle that sorta resembles her smiling face in the church’s new tower. Gloucestershire Echo [2 photos]

Sanford, Fla.: Pastor Sam Hinn, the brother of televangelist Benny, admitted to the Gathering Place Worship Center that he had been “drawn into” violating commandments VII, IX, and X. Orlando Sentinel

Oklahoma City: Meet Mr. Right, single and oh-so-available. Dustin Coyle, 34, was arrested for torturing his ex-girlfriend’s cat, and sexually assaulting the woman, because she wouldn’t listen to reason that he loves her. He told police, “If she would just marry me, that would solve everything,” but that he’d settle for her being his girlfriend again--or a one-night stand. The Oklahoman

Jury Duty
[In America, you're presumed innocent . . until the mug shot is released]:

Atlanta: A pickup truck driver with a “possessed” look played serious bumper cars over a 15-mile stretch around Atlanta last Wednesday. Could it possibly have been Michael Snider, 70? Associated Press via Athens Banner-Herald

     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Jan 28, 2013

FIRST! nah nah nah nah I'm first! 😛
Fr BDSM- NO, of course it wasn't sexual, oh and that's spilled milk on the floor too!

Teacher- Why were there no crimonal charges if he was so obviously guilty. We live in a crazy backassward world.

gargoyle- Perhaps she had an initial resemblance to the gargoyle that made it easier to render the statue.

Rev Hinn- NO surely not! That just nerver happens!

kitty/pussy- So he assulted both then?

psycho in a pick up- Of course, could a million horror flicks be wrong?
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 01/28/13 at 10:48 AM
Dr Don was all over the news around here:

Keene doctor’s license pulled
By Dave Eisenstadter Sentinel Staff | Posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:15 pm
The N.H. Board of Medicine temporarily suspended a Keene doctor’s license, saying alleged drug abuse and recent public disturbances made his continued practice a danger.
Dr. Don A. Holshuh of Surry, a dermatologist whose medical practice is on Court Street in Keene, was intoxicated and causing a disturbance at a Keene hotel earlier this month, according to the order of emergency suspension from the N.H. Board of Medicine, dated Wednesday.
Hotel staff previously saw Holshuh answering his door naked and wandering the halls covered in vomit and feces, according to the order.
Holshuh’s license suspension could last up to 120 days, and the Board of Medicine will also hold a hearing Friday to pursue further discipline.
Holshuh did not return calls for comment today.
The Board of Medicine order laid out the details that led to the suspension as follows:
On Dec. 20, the Board of Pharmacy did a routine inspection of Holshuh’s practice, and Holshuh said he ordered about 1,400 tablets of lorazepam, an anxiety medication, for personal use. He did not create an inventory for the purchase or keep the invoices.
Holshuh was prescribed the medication, but only for 120 tablets. Lorazepam can cause withdrawal reactions, and holds a risk of becoming addictive.
On April 5, a Board of Medicine investigator discovered Holshuh had been taken into protective custody April 3. Holshuh had been staying at the Keene hotel since March 31, and police were called there after a report of an intoxicated, naked man causing a disturbance.
Holshuh vomited on his bed sheets and answered his door naked to housekeeping staff, according to the Board of Medicine order.
Staff also saw Holshuh enter the hotel lobby several times with bottles of alcohol.
Hotel staff called Holshuh’s emergency contact — his sister-in-law — who told them Holshuh’s wife had kicked him out of his home. She also said Holshuh was suffering from depression.
When police arrived, Holshuh answered his door naked and heavily intoxicated. His speech was slow and slurred and his body was cut and bruised. Holshuh’s wife and attorney would not take custody of him, so police took him into protective custody.
Holshuh was fined $600 and his driving license was revoked for 60 days for reckless driving after a 2008 incident in which his van went off the road and struck a tree.
Holshuh remained in the van while flames engulfed it until a passerby pulled him out, police said at the time.
Dave Eisenstadter can be reached at 352-1234, extension 1432, or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Posted by Wille on 01/29/13 at 08:25 AM
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