News of the Weird (12-4-2012)

News of the Weird

San Diego: La Jolla Cove is apparently a majestic, quaint oceanside cliffside vista-community--but . . . spoiler alert! Seagulls have discovered it, and California’s showcase environmental regs make it super-complicated to keep the cove clean (since it’s caked in very unpleasant seagull DNA). New York Times

Zurich: The whorehouse of the future is a bunch of car-park cubicles, opening next August, to keep hookers off the streets and the streets moral. Huffington Post

In the Middle East: Plastic surgeons claim sales are up for implants--moustache implants (an equivalent-$7k procedure where follicles are transplanted for increased bushiness). (In olden times, they say, a man of honor swore “on my moustache,” and vanquished fighters had theirs shaved off as marks of disgrace.) CNN

London: Former undercover cop Mark Kennedy sued the department for the equivalent-$160k for making him go too deep undercover and even “allowing” him to fall in love with one target, which caused post-traumatic stress and divorce. (But wait! There’s more! Ten woman are also suing the department for being thus tricked into having sex with undercovers, including 3 of Mark’s bang-ees.) The Guardian

Brentwood, England: In response to a freedom-of-information demand for documents on a government construction contract, the Brentwood Council submitted 425 pages, each one completely blacked-out (“privacy,” “trade secrets,” y’know). Daily Telegraph

Detroit: Caleb Sosa, 19, is about to collect $1.1m from the city (Ha! As if!) in a civil-rights lawsuit--by default, which means: Sosa’s lawyers served papers to Detroit, several times, but Detroit’s lawyers said, “La-la-laaa, We can’t hear you, La-la-laaa.” AP via American Bar Ass’n Journal

China: Liu Xianping, 72, has quite a gig. His granddaughter is a women’s clothing designer, and he’s her top fashion model. Actually, it works. New York Daily News

The F State: Unclear on the Concept are those anti-Obama Floridians, who signed an agrammatical secession-from-the-U.S. petition. Other states have also submitted them, but who really believes the rest of America views Flori-duh as a national treasure? Florida Today via WTSP-TV

Like Chocolate?: This might cure that.

Subtle Rant #1

When Crowdsourcing Gets Full of Itself: Associated Press editors are in trouble with the politically-correct because their stylebook prefers the phrase “anti-gay” instead of calling it “homophobia.” Gay activists: It’s ”homophobia.” Everybody who hates us must be mentally ill. AP Editors: We can’t use that word; we’re not doctors. [ed. Reporters rarely get real science right. Don’t let them start making up science.] AtlanticWire

     Posted By: Chuck - Tue Dec 04, 2012

@Chuck: I realize you've been gone for a while but the correct spelling of the state where San Diego resides is "Mexafornia" and we already know it's for the birds! LOL

Zurich: Drive-in sexting, another American export!

London: In the US that stuff only gets you bragging rights!

Detroit: I've got to agree... where're they going to get $1.1M?? Oh... wait... there's more stimulus money coming soon!

China: Ah... Chuck.... you're taking too many of the yellow pills.

Chocolate: I'm cured! ....... Not excaim cheese
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 12/04/12 at 06:10 AM
Chocolate: as many of the commenters on the original article pointed out, that white confection is NOT chocolate.

Detroit: maybe they can pay him in cars.

FloRidda: y'know, it's already a peninsula. Turning it into an island wouldn't be *that* difficult...
Posted by TheCannyScot in Atlanta, GA on 12/04/12 at 10:32 AM
Welcome Back Chuck!
Thanks for the awesome weird news!
Posted by girlgeniusNYC in los angeles on 12/06/12 at 06:30 PM
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