Nine-Year-Old Drives Dune Buggy

Note lack of helmet on child--really, the least of this Dad's transgressions.

Nine Year Old Drives Dune Buggy - Watch more Funny Videos
     Posted By: Paul - Sat Feb 28, 2009
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I wonder if Mom has ever seen this or even heard of this happening. I suspect the Dad would be ball-less by now if she had.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 02/28/09 at 01:48 PM
wait a minute, the child was harnessed in and the buggy has roll bars. a helmet, in addition to being redundant, could possibly abstruct the boy's view. i also think i saw wheelie bars on it so it couldn't flip while doing a wheelie. they were out in the desert and nothing was close by. all in all i thought the kid was pretty safe and having a great time. 3 and 4 wheelers and motorcycles are alot more dangerous than this was. and i am a mom. come on don't puss out guys! 😉
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/28/09 at 09:12 PM
I don't understand the obsession with safety that we have now. I remember my brother's go-cart ... the only safety item it had was a big orange flag tied to the back so cars could see him on the road since he was so low to the ground. Helmet? Harness? Kids have been growing up for centuries without such things.
Posted by Nethie on 02/28/09 at 11:58 PM
Can't agree more Nethie. I cut my shoe and toes open 'playing chase' with a lawn mower when I was a kid, didn't even realize it for several minutes, when I did it was no big deal. I could image a kid these days getting a paper cut and screaming bloody murder. No experience with pain. Of course, we did some ludicrously stupid stuff when I was a kid (above just one example), and I'm probably lucky to be alive.

I think helmets and all are a must have, but when parents spend thousands to 'child proof' the home, goes way too far. Just lock up the meds, knives, tools and house hold chemicals, and let them run!
Posted by Viceman48 on 03/01/09 at 12:42 AM
Please note they follow rule #2 of all internet videos: anything worth watching once is worth watching a second time, but in slow motion.
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 03/01/09 at 07:55 AM
you know jeff i always let my kids climb when they were little too. i didn't want them to be afraid of everything and to get an idea of what they could do. if they got into trouble my husband and i were there to intervene and they had some freedom to learn how to make judgements on safety and their abilities. we used to call my daughter a little monkey, she loved to climb. neither of my kids has ever had a broken bone, although they have both had stitches at one time or the other. congrats on having such an accomplished son both physically and intelectually.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/01/09 at 08:37 AM
I love how everybody gets their panties all bunched up over one little comment that was misconstrued to begin with. All I said is that Mom probably doesn't know to what extent her son is driving.

Looks to me that the kid has got to be doing about 30 - 40 mph, popping a wheelie while his face is extremely close to the steering wheel, and not wearing a helmet. So what right! At least he won't be nannied into mediocrity Hopefully we'll all get to read about this idiot and his son another day on WU.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 03/01/09 at 09:50 AM
Growing up is a right of passage. If you can survive your youthful years then you're fit to breed. But, like Nethie, I wonder at this obsession with 110% safety!

Think of it this way: If the people that traversed the prairies in Conestoga wagons pulled by oxen had had to be 100% safe we'd have never gotten past St. Joe. Hell, we'd have never gotten across the pond in the first place!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/01/09 at 10:22 AM
I wonder if dad ever got in the passenger seat with him? That would prove if he had balls or not. 😉
Posted by DownCrisis on 03/01/09 at 12:20 PM
maxx i for one was posting in general to paul's header, not as a responce to your post sweetheart. yes most moms would have dad's balls for that stuff, absolutely. most of us at wu don't fall in the norms though! :lol:
expat there are so many things now that parents can't control, gangs, drugs, school shootings ect. there are a million horrors waiting to take our babies from us, perhaps that makes some people (not you maxx) anal about things we can control. if we are ever so careful maybe fate or god or whatever will keep them safe the rest of the time. i know i used to hear some horror story about a kid my kid's age getting hurt or killed and then they would get older and i'd feel better. then i'd hear another story about an older kid, and i realized being a parent means you worry. you do your best you hope and you worry. worry is just one of the many faces of love.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/01/09 at 12:43 PM
If I've learned anything raising my son, it's that kids bounce. When my son was 7, he fell while skating and landed badly on his left arm, cracking his elbow and his humerus. Two surgeries and a metal pin... and a week later he wanted to jump on the trampoline with his friends. I would have still been in a ball whimpering. The big thing to worry about these days is some nosy do-gooder crying child abuse every time a kid shows up with a bruise.
Posted by Nethie on 03/01/09 at 06:17 PM
great point chad. i was thinking fun only but my brother-in-law grew up on a farm. he and his brothers were running tractors and combines and other farm equipment from 8 and 9 on. planting and harvesting ect. children do have an exceptional capacity to learn if they are well taught.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/02/09 at 06:46 AM
patty - you typed
come on don't puss out guys!

My understanding (as lacking as it is) of the english language demands that when I see the word 'guys', or other nouns ending in 's', I should interpret it as a plural (not always but it is a pretty good rule of thumb). Since my post was the first and yours was the second I assumed you were responding to what Paul and I had posted.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 03/03/09 at 01:27 PM
i really didn't mean anything by it maxx. i was being a smart ass or rather a dumb ass as it turns out. my apologies for offending you and paul for that matter if i offended him.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/03/09 at 02:41 PM
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