“Now It’s Personal!”


I took this photo yesterday on my walk around Providence. It's an abandoned factory that used to be a Florist Supply Center. Actually, I have a personal connection with this building. Thirty-five years ago, one college summer, I drove an ice-cream truck. This building was the ice-cream wholesaler where I would restock.

In any case, it's half-gutted now and unreachable behind a fence. I was disappointed, because I wanted to capture the weird graffiti I could see. But I took a shot from the street, and, with magnification, the spray-painted message faintly visible right-of-center in the big photo does indeed show up. (And actually, if you click twice on the whole photo, you can see the legend in context.)

What can this possibly mean? The building shows a little fire damage. Maybe the owner suspected arson, and was warning the culprit.

Any suggestions welcome!
     Posted By: Paul - Sun Jul 27, 2008
     Category: Buildings and Other Structures | Graffiti

Joey--a valid possibility!
Posted by Paul on 07/27/08 at 11:15 AM
Lucy--I heartily encourage you and anyone else to record for posterity your local weird graffiti, and send it here!
Posted by Paul on 07/28/08 at 12:33 PM
Katey--you have concisely summarized the allure of art over real life!
Posted by Paul on 07/28/08 at 02:33 PM
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