Nudists eject clothed parson

Dr. Braxton B. Sawyer was an anti-nudist activist. In August 1954 he attempt to gain entry into the American Sunshine Bathing Association Convention in order to film the people inside and thereby expose "the national threat of nudism." Guards at the door told him he was welcome in but only if he followed the rules that applied to everyone — that he first remove all his clothes. He refused and was eventually forcibly ejected.

San Francisco Examiner - Aug 6, 1954

In addition to crusading against nudism, Sawyer was also well known as a dog breeder and American Kennel Club judge. His article, The Value of the Brood Bitch, is available online.
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Translation: Some rando dude trying to film naked ladies got his comeuppance.
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In the newspaper article is an idea for a beauty pageant title: "Miss Treasure Chest"
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