Out of Control

Normally I am as pro-police as anyone. But here I will present you with a couple of examples of, shall we say, over zealousness in enforcing the letter of the law. If fact one is more an example of fraudulent enforcement.

It was a hot summer day in New York, so Richard Lee decided to help his 10 year old daughter, Clementine, set up a lemonade stand at the park. In just 20 minutes they sold 10 glasses of lemonade. Then suddenly they were surrounded by parks department officers demanding rather harshly to see a permit. Of course the father and child did not have one for a kid's lemonade stand so they received a $50 ticket. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and the commissioner of the parks department, Adrian Benepe, has dismissed the ticket and stated it was a result in improper enforcement of city regulations. http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2009/08/16/Girl-gets-50-ticket-for-lemonade-stand/UPI-38791250452055/

In Manhattan, New York Shavit Mekeiten parked in an unrestricted space at 3:30 am Thursday morning. After carefully looking for restricting signage he felt his car was finr there till Friday. Six hours later the department of transportation came by with a work order to increase the New Zealand consolate's diplomatic parking by one space. The D.O.T. workers moved the diplomatic parking only sign behind Mr. Mekeiten's car infront of it. Next a city tow truck came along and towed the car over the protests of witnesses to the sign being moved. After spending $180 for the tow, $95 for the parking ticket, and an entire day of his time to get his car back, Mr. Mekeiten is contemplating legal action. But as he points out, that will just cost him more time and money in the long run.
     Posted By: patty - Sun Aug 16, 2009

i started this post yesterday, got frustrated with a bad link, and finished it today. hope you all get a kick outa it.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 08/17/09 at 02:39 PM
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