23-mile paper chain

Butch Baker of Four Oaks, North Carolina began making a paper chain in 1979. The chain is now 23-miles long, weighs 2300 pounds, and takes up much of his living room. And he’s still working on it. (He knows it's length because he's been measuring it as he makes it.)

The problem is, Butch is 78 and doesn't know what will happen to the chain when he dies.

More info: news observer

image source: Four Oaks Journal - Feb 2016 (pdf)

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Apr 12, 2018
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Just hang it around the church at his funeral. Then, it will stay there for all eternity because nobody wants to climb the latter to remove garlands out of a three-story vaulted ceiling.
Posted by Yudith on 04/12/18 at 11:35 AM
Use it for a funeral pyre. People should arrange for cremation anyways. A grave, crypt or vault seems like a waste of money and resources. We burned mom when she died and my sister has her sitting on a shelf at her house. Dad is still alive but when he goes I plan on taking both of them to various places they lived - hometowns and such - and scatter a little at each place. I figure by the time I hit California they should be part of the landscape.
Posted by KDP on 04/12/18 at 05:03 PM
Burn it, for charity. Lay it out (quick-and-dirty figuring is it'd be approx. 350 zig-zags across a football field (corrections accepted humbly)) and light one end. Monetize it live on YouTube and set up pools -- how long before it reaches the end, how many times it has to be re-lit, etc.. Money sets up a scholarship fund, rebuilds an animal shelter, or whatever he supports. If it goes viral, it could be a small fortune.
Posted by Phideaux on 04/13/18 at 06:14 AM
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