How to pepper a ceiling

The ingenuity of teenagers knows no bounds.

The Salem News - Sep 17, 1953

PRANKSTERS PEPPER CEILING — Teenagers have forgotten the goldfish-swallowing fad which swept the U.S. a few years back, but they've started another one which is giving restaurant owners a headache. The new fad requires some drinking straws, chocolate syrup and a bit of wind power. Tom Taylor, left, and John Wasson of Ludington, Mich., show how easily a restaurant ceiling can be "redecorated" by dipping the straw's tissue casing into syrup and shooting it like a blowgun up into the air.
     Posted By: Alex - Tue Oct 24, 2017
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In my day in high school, we used resistors, electronic parts that regulate or restrict the flow of electricity in a circuit. Sharpen the leads to a point and let fly to stick in the ceiling tiles like a dart on a dartboard. It took practice to throw them just right so they would stick on the first launch. We had a name for ourselves - B.R.T.A., The Better Resistor Throwers of America.

Hey! What do you expect from 15 y.o. boys?
Posted by KDP on 10/24/17 at 09:09 AM
When I was in school there was always one room that had a bunch of pencils stuck to the ceiling. People would ask some nice kid to lend them a pencil, then throw it up to the ceiling. It was a monument to dick moves everywhere.
Posted by Brian on 10/24/17 at 01:16 PM
Did this with spitballs. The clusters on the celings were a good classroom map of troublemakers
Posted by crc on 10/24/17 at 03:21 PM
We had pencils in the ceiling. I suspect the stuff on the ceilings that the pencils sank into was asbestos. Hey, what did we know?
Posted by ges on 10/24/17 at 08:51 PM
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