Give her the perfect gift — a funeral

Surprise, honey! I pre-arranged your funeral.

This first clipping I found circulating online, without any kind of attribution.

After a little searching I found this second ad, which seems similar enough that I assume it's from the same funeral home.

Burlington Free Press - Feb 17, 2013

     Posted By: Alex - Thu May 18, 2017
     Category: Death | Advertising

This idea is really very practical. My parents had / have their arrangements for after their deaths for many years. When mom suddenly but not unexpectedly died five years ago, my only responsibility was, after the state did their paperwork, to have her carted over to the local funeral home for burning. My father has the same arrangement set up. No fuss, no confusion, no surprises. I plan on doing the same for myself.
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 05/18/17 at 11:57 AM
If my significant other made funeral arrangements for me, I'd start sleeping in another room (with the door locked) and would eat out all the time.
Posted by Phideaux in in his own little world on 05/18/17 at 01:28 PM
This reminds me of an episode from WKRP in Cincinatti where a funeral director wanted to get some upbeat jingles made to get the "young" market.

Also, my daughter says that when I go, everyone will sing "Baba Yetu" and then I'm into the fire!
Posted by mjbird in Twin Cities, MN on 05/18/17 at 05:44 PM
The text put in is a bit misleading. In both adds it says "Make pre arrangements as a couple." Alone would be creepy
Posted by crc in idaho on 05/18/17 at 05:51 PM
mjbird: not Baba O'Riley, then?
Posted by Richard Bos in The Netherlands on 05/19/17 at 09:31 AM
Reminds me of a couple buddies of mine who went into the funeral home business after college. Their business really took off when they started selling pre-arrangements. You might say people were dying to get in. Ha.

In fact, Alex, Paul, this could make a WU item. They built their mausoleum in the shape of a pyramid, with an "eternal flame" at the apex. This was maybe 1971. It made the national news at the time. They sold out long ago; following seems to be the current owner of the property.

Nowadays, you can even get a crypt on Ebay, of course – so convenient, and the recipient of the "gift" needn't know.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 05/19/17 at 03:17 PM
Virtual, crypt 13-13?
Posted by ges on 05/21/17 at 11:14 PM
That's too cryptic for me, ges.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 05/22/17 at 03:40 PM
Then again, if she's dead, she won't nag you about how poorly you arranged her funeral, at the last minute like always, you don't know her tastes and yours are horrible, after all those years don't you know she doesn't like camelias, how dare you invite that bitch Elsie, yada yada yada yak yak yak.
Posted by Yudith on 05/25/17 at 06:28 AM
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