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Because dogs need love, er, 'release', too

The Rubix Cubewich

I swear, Doctor, I have NO IDEA how that got in there!
     Posted By: Professor Music - Sat Aug 01, 2009

the dog doll sounds like a better way to extract seamen for insemination, rather than prostate massage.

cubes of pork fat, yuck!

mw i know of alot more fun stuff to do if you are bored honey. 😉
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 08/01/09 at 09:47 PM
Doggy doll Is it, really, only for dogs?

Rubix Cubewich Mustard, there HAS to be mustard!

Butt Really? Carrots are preferred to cucumbers?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 08/01/09 at 10:36 PM
we get 25# bags of carrots in at work and they are much larger than the grocery store ones. they put cucumbers to shame. hey maybe if they make a horse doll it would keep that other weirdo out of jail! :lol:
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 08/01/09 at 11:41 PM
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