Psychological warfare in Vietnam

February 1966: Congressman Craig Hosmer unveiled his strange plan for victory in Vietnam. He suggested air-dropping playing cards, plastic cutouts of women and dogs, and owl hoots onto the Vietcong. His idea was that these would trigger the superstitious nature of the Vietnamese and cause them to surrender — with no shots fired.

Some of his suggestions may actually have been done. I’m not sure.

Hosmer also suggested dropping yellow dye on the Vietcong “to identify them upon infiltration into South Vietnam.” He noted, “Dyeing the Vietcong could, in the end, prove more effective than killing them.”

Sydney Morning Herald - Feb 7, 1966

Craig Hosmer (Esquire - Jan 1967)

Arizona Republic - Feb 9, 1966

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There are many forms of stupid in this world. But political stupid out shines them all.
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