Ralph Woltstem’s Breast Supporters

Back in the 1920s, Ralph Woltstem reimagined the brassiere. He did away with the straps around the shoulders and instead used columns to provide support from below. These columns, in turn, incorporated shock absorbers. He was granted two patents for this invention. The device in both patents looks pretty much identical to me. The images are from Patent No. 1762676, and the explanatory text below is from Patent No. 1741898:

This invention relates to new and useful improvements in breast supporters for women and aims to provide simple, inexpensive and efficient means whereby large and flabby breasts of women, especially of the buxom type, may be so supported as to assume a firm and solid condition. Furthermore, the use of my present device will prevent the flapping of the breasts while walking, which always is an undesired feature in women afflicted with breasts of unusual proportions.

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Sep 19, 2021
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Mammalian Mammary Metronomes. Tick-tock y'all.
Posted by eddi on 09/19/21 at 09:14 PM
If the pusher poles (#15) are flexible, they'll bend under the weight. If they're rigid, you won't be able to bend over.

In any event, every time a woman lowered her panties, she have to reposition everything. With the already long lines for the ladies room in clubs and at sporting events, this would be a disaster.
Posted by Phideaux on 09/19/21 at 10:38 PM
It took me quite a while to learn how to unfasten a standard brassiere. This one looks to have a formidable learning curve.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 09/20/21 at 01:23 PM
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