Rambo Bubble Gum

Raspberry-flavored gum shaped to resemble shrapnel or flak.

Went on sale in 1985, as a tie-in with the release of Rambo II.

image source: Candy Wrapper Museum

Wisconsin State Journal - Nov 3, 1985

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Apr 11, 2018
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Can you imagine what the condition of the gum is in? Probably worse than chewing a rock. Although that might fit in with the image of John Rambo.

Most memorable line from "First Blood": "I handled million dollar equipment! Now I can't get even a job in a f#%&&g car wash!"
Posted by KDP on 04/11/18 at 04:42 PM
If it's from the 80s, I probably--like this Rambo gum--sold it when I was at KB Toys. Still regretting only buying 2 of the Max Headroom gum containers. Yes, they were in a plastic replica of his head.
Posted by Bill the Splut on 04/11/18 at 06:50 PM
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