Ship of Suicides

     Posted By: Paul - Sat Apr 23, 2016
     Category: Death | Suicide | Oceans and Maritime Pursuits | 1920s

March 2ed or 3rd; neither seem auspicious.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 04/23/16 at 10:51 AM
"If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow?"
Posted by BMN on 04/23/16 at 12:55 PM
An over-achieving waiter whose customer hadn't ordered her included final course? Or maybe she neglected to tip him.
Posted by Virtual on 04/23/16 at 02:36 PM
"If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you follow?"
Well yes, actually.
My friends are all pretty level headed and rational (more than me anyway), so if they jumped off the bridge, there'd be a damn good reason why.
So should I stay on the bridge and face whatever it was they were that desperate to avoid, or take the risk and join them?
Posted by Captain DaFt on 04/23/16 at 07:20 PM
The negro's body was found and arrested for being on the Whites-Only deck without permission.
Posted by Anastasia Beaverhausen on 04/24/16 at 12:28 PM
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