Skippy and Hellmann’s

Odd partners in advertising: when Skippy and Hellmann's teamed up in 1963, claiming Together Tremendous!

The recipes for those peanut butter/mayo sandwiches, enlarged:

Update: Astute readers noted that if this was a nationwide ad campaign, then the version of the ad that ran west of the Rockies should have referred to Best Foods mayonnaise, rather than Hellmann's. I checked, and it turns out this was exactly the case. It was an identical ad, but with Best Foods substituted for Hellmann's.

San Francisco Examiner - Oct 13, 1963

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Sep 02, 2019
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Sounds terrible. Ew.
Posted by Judy on 09/02/19 at 10:58 AM
That would been a unpleasant new surprise in my entire families lunchbox.
Posted by John on 09/02/19 at 11:07 AM
Is there any way to tell if this is a regional aimed advertisement? I guess that it was published east of the Rocky Mountain states because of the Hellman name. As a transplant to Oklahoma, I've run across some funny food combinations I never saw in California, although the number one combination listed here doesn't sound too far out.

My complaint about Skippy is the amount of sugar added. I'd use a natural grind peanut butter in its place.
Posted by KDP on 09/02/19 at 11:37 AM
KDP -- Based on a search in the news archive I subscribe to, the ad ran in papers in Pennsylvania, New York, California, and Illinois. But it probably ran in many more papers and magazines that aren't showing up in the archive.

I always thought peanut butter and mayo was a Southern thing. But evidently the ad was run outside of the South.
Posted by Alex on 09/02/19 at 12:51 PM
Surely the version that ran in California was different. As an inveterate label reader, I know that Hellmann's is "known as Best Foods Mayonnaise west of the Rockies" (as KDP hinted).
Posted by ges on 09/02/19 at 01:49 PM
ges -- you're exactly right. I checked, and the west coast version did refer to Best Foods rather than Hellmann's. I just posted the west coast version above.
Posted by Alex on 09/03/19 at 07:48 AM
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