Stop That Tank!

Disney creates terrorist training films! I'm sure al-Qaeda is watching this to learn how to stymie our forces in Afghanistan.
     Posted By: Paul - Mon Apr 16, 2012
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Most animation studios participated in training and propaganda productions with their respective governments on both sides of the war. For those of you that haven't the faintest idea of how a bolt-action firearm works, this film was very good at showing the basics.

Sorry, Paul, but Al-Queda would have no use for this rifle. It is not a sniper weapon and useless against modern armoured personnel carriers with Kevlar coatings.

The tanks in the cartoon were good representations of light tanks of the prewar period. As usual, armies are usually caught fighting the previous war when wars break out. Look into the brief history and you'll find that it was replaced by the U.S. .50 caliber heavy machine gun and anti-tank duties taken on by more specialized weapons. There is a reason that weapons development is called the "arms race".
Posted by KDP on 04/16/12 at 03:19 PM
This was done for the Canadian military, probably before the US got into the war. It was probably done for the British made Boys Anti-Tank Rifle. That was a .55 Caliber AT Rifle that could do a decent job on the early models of panzer...
Posted by Jason Weiser on 04/16/12 at 08:48 PM
So, Paul do you think this is a terrorist training film? Really? Makes me wonder who you think the terrorists are. My Father who passed away just a few years ago fought the nazis in europe in World War II. He may have even watched a few of these films, does that make WWII veterans, the few that are left, terrorists? I feel you have a problem with your definition of what a terrorist is.
Posted by Who you calling a terrorist, boy? on 04/16/12 at 09:01 PM
Please allow me my silliness. My Dad too fought in WWII, and I could hardly call any of the Allies terrorists. I only meant to make a joke about any lone fighter who is seeking to take down a tank being seen--these days--as usually a terrorist, and Disney's film thus retroactively giving them aid.

End of joke explanation.
Posted by Paul on 04/16/12 at 11:32 PM
But where's the Girls Anti-Tank Rifle? Unfair.
Posted by Robert on 04/17/12 at 09:13 AM
I apologize if my analysis seemed a little heavy, Paul. As an engineer, I tend to look at the usefulness and practicality of machinery. I do appreciate the little dig at modern political correctness and paranoia.
Posted by KDP on 04/17/12 at 09:41 AM
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