In 1980, Danya Padilla of Montclair, New Jersey came out with the "SWEAT-T." It was a grey t-shirt with artificial sweat marks under the arms and down the front and back, designed for people who hated exercise but wanted to look like jocks anyway.

I haven't been able to find any pictures of an actual SWEAT-T, but the picture below is what I imagine it must have looked like.

Shrewsbury Sunday Register - July 6, 1980

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Feb 12, 2018
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For most of us, the best way to look like a jock would be to lose 50 pounds.
Posted by Brian on 02/12/18 at 08:54 AM
Just the thing to go with your Pet Rock.
Posted by KDP on 02/12/18 at 03:00 PM
Ah, so that's where that spray-on mud for yuppie tractors came from.
Posted by Richard Bos on 02/17/18 at 04:30 AM
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