The day my kid went punk

1987 ABC Afterschool Special. You might recognize Doc from The Love Boat as the father of the wayward teenager.

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Akron Beacon Journal - Oct 21, 1987

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Feb 11, 2019
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That's not Doc, that's Siegfried, of KAOS. :cheese:
Posted by animaux on 02/11/19 at 08:10 AM
Maybe the poor kid just needs a good comb...
Posted by Brian on 02/11/19 at 12:26 PM
Before he went punk he was the boy who could fly.
Posted by Courtney on 02/11/19 at 05:40 PM
This pretty much sums it up without the schmaltz:

It has a really angry chorus:

They stuck me in an institution
Said it was the only solution
To give me the needed professional help
To protect me from the enemy, myself
Posted by KDP on 02/11/19 at 08:42 PM
...Went Punk, 1987!

"Dad, I'm punk"
"No kid of mine is punk 10 years after the fact. You'll be a grunge kiddie and like it!"

Quincy did it better(and earlier):
Posted by S. Norman on 02/12/19 at 07:31 AM
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