The Easy Woman:  1963

"... the case of one woman who became pregnant from the homosexual affair with a female friend..."

Wait, wait, wait. THIS deserves a great deal more explanation.
Posted by Justin S. in Orange County, CA on 06/12/16 at 03:04 PM
@Justin -- It's technically possible. If it was by parthenogenesis, it should have made world headlines because it'd be the first scientifically-confirmed case in human history. Much more likely, if it was true, was her female friend was bi, had recent sex with a man, and she and her female friend engaged in acts which transferred bodily fluids (I leave it to your imagination what positions they might have used).
Posted by Phideaux in his own little world on 06/12/16 at 05:08 PM
This is "Jet" magazine, hardly a paragon of factual reporting. It sounds like someone is paraphrasing the Kinsey Report from 1953 for the masses.
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 06/13/16 at 10:02 AM
(I leave it to your imagination what positions they might have used).

Do you know how to cure MEN's deviant sexual behavior? Castration and a lobotomy.
Does that perhaps express just how retarded I think this 'study' is?
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 06/13/16 at 01:31 PM
I'm sure this study is correct for some "easy" women. I'm equally sure it's just as correct for some "studly" men. I'm even more sure it's not true for the majority of either of them, but that'll never get published.
Posted by Richard Bos in The Netherlands on 06/13/16 at 05:04 PM
I tracked down the original article. "A Clinical Appraisal of Some Sexually Promiscuous Females."

It's available free online:
Posted by Alex on 06/13/16 at 05:48 PM
Good sleuthing from "Easy" Alex!
Posted by Paul on 06/13/16 at 06:32 PM
Alex! I did not know that about you sweetie!! tongue wink
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 06/13/16 at 06:50 PM
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