The Frozen Woman


Original article here.

Alas, two years after the coverage above, she was gone.


Original article here.
     Posted By: Paul - Thu Nov 17, 2016
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You stated that she only lived 2 more years. However, her obit says 23 years later...
Posted by Jon on 11/17/16 at 12:48 PM
Jon--I meant two years after the anniversary coverage in the first snapshot. I will clarify that.
Posted by Paul on 11/17/16 at 01:34 PM
Alcohol can be a hard master. However, she did outlive two husbands. Gotta give her credit for that.
Posted by KDP on 11/17/16 at 02:27 PM
Posted by BMN on 11/17/16 at 04:10 PM
"Many are cold, but few are frozen."
Posted by John Ayer on 11/19/16 at 09:17 PM
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