The Ordinances of Lancaster, South Carolina, 1903

We've all seen those features that dig up "Crazy Laws Still on the Books." But how did such ordinances ever first get established? By big and small towns trying to regulate every human behavior they could think of.

Here are a few choice samples from a randomly chosen place!

Source: The Lancaster News (Lancaster, South Carolina) 16 May 1903

No public marble playing

No annoying churchgoers

No hookers

No tramps, cardsharps or fortune tellers

No dirks or slingshots

No outward-opening gates

Must ring bicycle bell

No piles of public poop

No bad oysters

To their credit, the officials imposed lots of rules on the cops as well. These are just a few.

     Posted By: Paul - Wed Jan 19, 2022
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Makes you think this town had a problem with unruly behavior— especially those marble players and oyster eaters.
Posted by Brian on 01/19/22 at 01:33 PM
And what about these pesky women going for a jog at night?

Also, it would be fun to see the cyclists banging on their gong. That would certainly help road safety.
Posted by Yudith on 01/22/22 at 06:15 AM
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