The Snobs and The Upper Crust

You can't keep a good idea down.

The Upper Crust.

     Posted By: Paul - Wed Aug 02, 2017
     Category: Music | 1960s | Parody

Lovely. That was Bach, wasn't it?
Posted by Virtual on 08/02/17 at 10:35 AM
Reminds me of "Rick Me Amadeus" from the 80s.
Posted by Brian on 08/02/17 at 12:15 PM
Rick Me Amadeus?

That's either


You're welcome.

(Better than old Johann Chrysostom Theophil himself, really.)
Posted by Richard Bos on 08/02/17 at 02:14 PM
Gotta love the gimmick. Here in the States during the 1960's we had Paul Revere and the Raiders. They were costumed musicians of the light rock set. I see that the band still exists and still dress up in costumes.
Posted by KDP on 08/04/17 at 08:28 AM
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