The Statue of Liberty Urine Stain Controversy

During restoration of the Statue of Liberty in 1986, the restorers noticed an area low on the statue where the patina was worn away and speculated that the damage might have been caused by construction workers urinating from the top of the statue instead of coming down to use a toilet.

Officials vehemently disagreed, insisting that the damage was actually caused by "a vinegar-like solution workers recently used in the process of stripping layers of paint inside the statue."

Perhaps the officials were right, but I prefer the urine stain explanation.

New York Daily News - May 8, 1986

Asbury Park Press - May 9, 1986

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Well, it was reported by the New York Daily News, a fine, upstanding bastion of journalism. Now, excuse me while I get out this week's copy of The National Enquirer...
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