Traffic pins with double meanings

From the Feb 1947 issue of Hit Parader magazine. via Kitsch-Slapped.

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Oct 05, 2017
     Category: Innuendo, Double Entendres, Symbolism, Nudge-Nudge-Wink-Wink and Subliminal Messages | Jewelry | 1940s

That pin "Slippery" could have been "Slippery When Wet." How about one marked "Merge"? I'd bet even money that "Deliveries In Rear" never appeared!
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 10/05/17 at 01:15 PM
I would suggest the Biological Hazard sign to wear at the company Christmas party.

Or as a sticker to place on the back of your friend when you go to a bar?
Posted by BMN on 10/05/17 at 05:08 PM
"No Enrty"
Posted by Richard Bos in The Netherlands on 10/08/17 at 04:04 AM
How about panties that read "Come In! We're Open!" or "Sorry... We're Closed"?
Posted by Brian in Denial on 10/10/17 at 04:52 AM
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