View from the Ledge (June 17, 2015

View From The Ledge

(Chuck channels the spirits of his landmark 1980-1996 zine)
June 17, 2016

Won't Someone Please Think of the Disadvantaged? Oh, wait. The porn juggernaut is audio-ing up some of their stuff . . . to serve the blind! . . . way beyond the "Ooooooo baby! Ooooooo yeah!" to actually having the scenes described (bodies, breast size and shape, degree of erection). Said a Pornhub vice president, "It's our way of giving back." [Huffington Post]

The WeirdUniverse News Quiz: Take a look at the first-pictured mug shot in this story (uncaptioned but one of the 5 perps named in the story). If you are trying to figure out which of the 5 he is, here's a hint--the 5 perps' first and middle names: Antonious Charblye, Dionne Cherrell, Tatarian Stantourn, Rantavious Antenudu, James Leon. [ (Birmingham)]

Week before last, God trolled the Apocalypse-predictors again, punking them once more with "codes" in the Bible (this time on June 3rd-4th). [ed. or at least I think the Apocalypse didn't occur. It could just be a glitch in our Computer Simulation] [India Times]

Chuck's Law School: A court in Canberra, Australia, found Wesley King not guilty of burglary despite his DNA being at the crime scene for no good reason. So, DNA at the crime scene . . . found in the fresh caca smears in his underwear and nearby on paper. Wrote Chief Justice Helen Murrell: "There is a reasonable possibility that the burglar was someone else who was wearing unwashed underpants that had previously been worn by the accused." [Australian Broadcasting Corp.]

Cartoonist Roz Chast, a New Yorker, on relocating from the city: "[T]here's no shortage of material for cartoons in Connecticut. It's plenty weird. Did I tell you I recently went to a napkin-folding seminar?" [Wall Street Journal]

The Gubment has a tough job. We have a No-Fly list, which seems like a good thing, even though the Gubment sometimes gets it wrong, but still, you can get off of it with enough evidence of mistake (the news cycle reports the really ridiculous No-Fly errors), but without that evidence, and spittingly demanding your "rights," just sends you to the end of a long line at TSA hdqtrs). However, sometimes TSA knows things and doesn't want you to know (as part of a larger investigation), so you don't get off the list. Last yr, Amir Meshal got "trespassed" from two Mpls-St.Paul mosques by the imams because he was trying to "radicalize" young people. Minnesota gave him long-haul trucking and school-bus licenses but took them back because of the trespassing orders, and TSA put him on the No-Fly list. Problem: Enter the ACLU, on Meshal's side. Hey, he hasn't been convicted! Not even arrested! Stop harassing him! This week, sounds familiar. The Gubment has a tough job. [Fox News]

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     Posted By: Chuck - Fri Jun 17, 2016

Porn for the blind- Shouldn't that be; "its our way of giving head."

Name game- got it in 1. Obviously no one was killed, none of the perps have Wayne for a middle name.

reasonable doubt- Yeah and it could have been an alien from a far galaxy who just happened to have the exact same DNA. As a judge shouldn't he know the difference between doubt and reasonable doubt??

Weirdness- Who better tan us WUvians to know that weird emanates from everywhere!!

ACLU- I think high risk terror targets should be located near ACLU offices.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 06/17/16 at 11:39 PM
Porn for the blind -- I think it was when Carter was president that budget cuts at the Library of Congress (or some other givernment agency) meant some magazines would no longer be 'translated' into Braille. One of those was Playboy. I remember it making the news because it was taking Playboy away from the only people who could honestly say they were getting it only for the articles. (Disclaimer -- when I subscribed to it, it was mostly for the cartoons (they were the best!). The articles were mostly too artsy-fartsy for me, the stories too generic, and the women plasticized beyond recognition.)
Posted by Phideaux on 06/18/16 at 01:03 AM
James Leon Painter is just happy because his bond is only $25K, while all the darker complected folks are looking at $1,000,000+.
True story.
Posted by Frank on 06/20/16 at 12:30 PM
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